Antonio Rizzo, violinmaker, engineer and inventor, established his violin making career in 1988. His approach to making instruments is both scientific and traditional in nature, using the principles of physics and the Italian influence on style, character and tone quality. Mr. Rizzo has been tutored by master violinmakers both in the United States and Italy, and presents his experience by creating instruments with tonal and artistic appeal. Musicians have characterized Antonio’s instruments as having that “Italian sound”, being clear, open, well balanced with responsive tone, and easy to play. Many of his violins, violas and cellos received premier awards from the Violin Makers Association of Arizona and Violin Society of America International Competitions. His instruments are sold in Europe and Japan, as well as in the United States.

Former President of the Southern California Association of Violin Makers (SCAVM).


The initial collaborating effort between the buyer and the maker will establish the requirements and details for the desired instrument. Once that is established, the process can begin with a ten percent down payment and a money back guarantee if the buyer is not satisfied within thirty days after delivery.

Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity will be furnished for each instrument specifying the materials, dimensions and the manufacture, along with an identification photograph