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Cello JC 2009

Cello JJ 2012

 Cello LD 2014

Bach Suite by anonymous player

Patterned after A Guadagnini Model

A Francesco Ruggiero Model (circa 1698)

A Francesco Ruggiero Model (circa 1698)

Cellos by Antonio Rizzo have made their mark in competitions and international sales by their superb tone quality and fine craftsmanship. His cellos are patterned after Joseph (filius Andrea) Guarneri, Domenico Montagnana, Antonio Stradivari, G.B. Guadagnini, and Francesco Ruggieri. These instruments have consistently produced a high quality, clear, well balanced and powerful tone.
The cellos shown possess a very powerful and robust bass, well focused and with unsurpassed clarity and balanced tone that project well in any hall. They are comfortable and easy to play instruments that will fit well with any large orchestra or small ensemble, and can be a soloistís dream instrument.